INFO: Country/City and/or Region: R. Macedonia/ Municipality of Bitola IPA Component/ (national or regional): National Programming year: 2014 – 2015 IPA Measure/ Project Fiche Title: IPA 2 Civil Society Facility & Media 2014 – 2015 Title: Active participation in reducing youth unemployment in Roma community Final beneficiary: – Civil society organizations working with Roma youth and entrepreneurship in Bitola. – Local government in Bitola. – Public Institutions. Final beneficiaries are Roma youth from 18 to 29 years old. Partners: Youth Cultural Center – Bitola Center for development of Roma community “Bairska Svetlina” Abstract: In the last years in the country policies and measures related to the promotion of employment and self-employment are activated and promoted as policies that directly or indirectly treat the issue of entrepreneurship through formalization of business activities, including, among others, young people and members of minority ethnic communities. To overcome this situation there are proposals for drafting ...


Volunteer Center

YCC-Bitola is coordinating office of non-formal network “Volunteer Center of Macedonia” that coordinates volunteer exchanges and placements on local, national and international level. We offer consultative and administrative services and training in volunteer management and we cooperate with other local, national and international organizations that promote the values of volunteering.

Training Center

YCC-Bitola is a training service provider for local, national and international workshops and trainings for development of skills, knowledge and competencies of young people. Various modules and programs include but are not limited to: communication and presentation skills, team work, leadership, project cycle management, fundraising, work readiness and employability, volunteer management, youth activism, peace building and others.

Civil Society

  • Elections monitoring and training of observers,
  • Local youth initiatives,
  • Official UNESCO youth club,
  • Free legal assistance

Cultural Agenda

Continuous program activities for support, development and promotion of creative potentials of youth in form of various cultural events: exhibitions, promotions and concerts among others. Music studio We provide services of our music studio for young artists that recognize the music as form of communication and expression. This resource supports creation and playing of music as a way of living and secures space for rehearsals of young music bands.

Bitola Open City

YCC-Bitola organizes this festival since 2002 and it presents an opportunity for promotion of urban culture of domestic and international artists. The main aim of “Bitola open city” festival is to unite the young artists from Europe and wider, to secure space for intercultural exchange and promotion of experiences, attitudes and values using art as a tool. The festival also promotes Bitola as a city with genuine cultural identity, European spirit and a place for intercultural dialogue.