About YCC Bitola

Youth Cultural Center – Bitola (MKC Bitola) is a youth-nonprofit civic organization founded in 1997 and officially registered in 1999. In the long continuous development center invested much energy and resources for effective functioning in the field of development of cultural, youth and volunteer programs. In the period 2001-2004, MCC-Bitola conducted a three-year program and institutional strengthening program supported by the European Cultural Foundation and FOSI-M – New Culture.

This process and the continuous investment in upgrading the skills and resources of its members, MCC-Bitola has grown into one of the leading youth organizations in Bitola, Macedonia. Also, we have implemented a two-year program 2006-2008 to support leading NGOs funded by USAID to develop National Volunteer Center of Macedonia.


In 2010, the annual program of MCC-Bitola is supported by an institutional grant from CED-and SDC within Civica Mobilitas program for the Republic of Macedonia. We are proud of our results in raising the skills and resources of our members and users in the past 13 years.

The facility, which is located MCC Bitola old house representative, protected cultural monument in the old city core of Bitola. The building has 350m2 useful space, and its restoration, reconstruction and adaptation was supported by funds of the King Baudouin FOSI-M, the World Bank and the Ministry of Culture in the amount of US $ 150,000. VISION developing democratic society in which young people are carriers progress.